Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Well we have had yet another busy week. We've managed to confirm some new stock including Muttaqin nappies which we hope will be in stock by the end of the month. We currently have a little sale on with upto 10% off Mooncups and CSP. Our offer of the week is 10% off Amber teething necklaces.

Hopefully have some more new stock coming in this week too so we are also looking forward to that!

Best go, dishes don't wash themselves (unfortunately!)

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Project; Millie's Nappies - Now Stocking Cushie Tushies

Well as ever I've had a busy weekend! Project Millie's Nappies is well under way. Had some new stock in, Cushie Tushies, which I am quite happy to be stocking. They're so cute and soft. Also got another delivery of different stock coming this week hopefully so between that and everything else I've got on I imagine I have yet another non stop week ahead 8) Got a reply from a manufacturer, I was hoping to stock thier products but they are unable to take on any more new customers at the moment so that's that. Must try and remember to contact them over the summer and see if they have any new slots.

Short blog tonight but I had best get on - I need to investigate swim stuff!

Thursday, 18 February 2010


So I decided to set up this blog after much time prevaricating! I did wonder whether I should, I feel a bit stupid writing away my thoughts but here I am anyway!

Bit of an update; In January 2010 I set up a new business called Millie's Nappies set up over at WAHM cart. I have to say as a newbie to all this they have been most helpful. I'm sure they probably think 'not her again' whenever they see a message from me though lol. I started building up my stock towards the end of 2009 and now I'm getting quite a healthy stash I'd like to think. Infact my better half wasn't too impressed today when I told him we were going to need bigger storage unit for our stock!

We're slowly building up, our advertising is something I am currently working on, could do with a bit of inspiration though (any ideas you can throw this way much appreciated!) I have sponsorship on a few forums and will be getting a magazine advertisement in the new edition of The Mama Magazine but that's all at the moment.

Anyway enough witterings from me for today!