Thursday, 18 February 2010


So I decided to set up this blog after much time prevaricating! I did wonder whether I should, I feel a bit stupid writing away my thoughts but here I am anyway!

Bit of an update; In January 2010 I set up a new business called Millie's Nappies set up over at WAHM cart. I have to say as a newbie to all this they have been most helpful. I'm sure they probably think 'not her again' whenever they see a message from me though lol. I started building up my stock towards the end of 2009 and now I'm getting quite a healthy stash I'd like to think. Infact my better half wasn't too impressed today when I told him we were going to need bigger storage unit for our stock!

We're slowly building up, our advertising is something I am currently working on, could do with a bit of inspiration though (any ideas you can throw this way much appreciated!) I have sponsorship on a few forums and will be getting a magazine advertisement in the new edition of The Mama Magazine but that's all at the moment.

Anyway enough witterings from me for today!

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